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4 video sessions for the Linux sysadmin

We've collected some of our favorite sessions from the All Things Open 2020 conference including Linux 101, open source on mainframes, and multi-cluster service-mesh patterns.
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The Enable Sysadmin team was excited to sponsor the infrastructure session track at the 2020 All Things Open conference. This is basically where all the sysadmins are hanging out, trying to sharpen their skills and to see what their fellow sysadmins are working on or tinkering with.

We've collected these four videos from the event that we thought would be of interest to the Enable Sysadmin readers.

Linux 101 - Justin Reock


How Red Hat ran a global OpenVPN offer during the COVID-19 pandemic with 99% open source software - Mauricio Teixeira


A Tour of Open Source on the Mainframe - Elizabeth K. Joseph


Multi-Cluster Service-Mesh Patterns - Christian Posta



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