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Technology preview: Running a container inside a container

Watch this step-by-step tutorial on how to run a container inside of Podman in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3.
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I recently published a video covering an overview of Podman in Podman, or in other words, running a container within a container.  This is a technology preview feature in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.3.

The video covers an overview of:

  • From the RHEL 8.3 host, starting a container using the container image (with the --privileged option)
  • Within that container, building a new container image using podman build
  • Running a container (while in a container) using the newly created container image (Podman in Podman)

Please note that Podman in Podman functionality is currently only available when starting the container as root.

[ Getting started with containers? Check out this free course. Deploying containerized applications: A technical overview. ]

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Brian Smith

Brian Smith is a product manager at Red Hat focused on RHEL automation and management.  He has been at Red Hat since 2018, previously working with public sector customers as a technical account manager (TAM).   More about me

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