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Sysadmins: Where is your organization using the most enterprise open source?

Open source is powering many of the most exciting technologies in enterprise organizations. Where does supported enterprise IT show up in your stack?
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What does your organization use the most enterprise open source to run?

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Cloud management
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Big data and analytics
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Something else
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For those of us with a long history of Linux use, open source is nothing new. But for some large enterprise organizations, proprietary software was for many years the default. That's changing, as these organizations are starting to recognize that open source is the place where true innovation happens. While most open source projects package up community versions for various targets, for production systems, organizations often turn to enterprise-ready supported open source products that are hardened, tested, and supported.

In Red Hat's annual report on The State of Enterprise Open Source, over a thousand IT leaders were interviewed about the software they use inside their organizations and what factors go into the decisions of which tools and technologies are ultimately adopted. From software quality to the latest innovations, from security to the ability to safely leverage open source technologies, organizations are turning to open source for a variety of reasons.

So what is enterprise open source software getting used for? All sorts of places. Organizations are using enterprise open source for IT infrastructure modernization, application development, and more. Enterprise open source has found its way into everything from networking to database solution, from cloud management tools to big data and analytics. It's hard to find a part of IT where enterprise open source isn't delivering some part of the solution.

So what about your organization? Are they big enterprise open source adopters, or just taking their first steps? Take our poll above, check out the full report, and let us know: Where is enterprise open source playing a critical role inside of your organization today?

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