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Top tech conferences for sysadmins in 2022

With so many great tech conferences to choose from, what is your must-attend event this year?
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What is your #1 conference to attend in 2022?

154 votes tallied
All Things Open
11 votes
56 votes
7 votes
DevOps Days
9 votes
9 votes
20 votes
Open Source Summit
5 votes
Red Hat Summit
24 votes
13 votes

In the pre-pandemic past, time and budget often limited which industry events people could attend. While time will always be a factor, the shift towards virtual gatherings has made that commitment much easier for many people. Pair a more flexible schedule with reduced costs for travel and tickets, and you have the most accessible industry landscape in history.

Sysadmins are known as "jack-of-all-trades" technologists who need broad and deep knowledge to do their jobs well. But this makes it hard for them to choose which conferences—many aimed at specific tech audiences—to attend. 

Like everything in life, it comes down to your priorities. Want to focus on your automation skills this year? AnsibleFest it is. Want to bridge the gap between sysadmins and developers? Try DevConf or All Things Open (which, in my experience, leans towards developers). What about container technology? Well, there's Kubecon for that...

You see my point. There are a lot of events to choose from. So it raises the question, what is your number one must-attend tech event for 2022?

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Tyler Carrigan

Tyler is the Sr. Community Manager at Enable Sysadmin, a submarine veteran, and an all-round tech enthusiast! He was first introduced to Red Hat in 2012 by way of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based combat system inside the USS Georgia Missile Control Center. More about me

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