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5 Linux text editor guides

Make discovering your favorite new text editor the highlight of your year!
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As sysadmins, we spend a good part of our connected time using text editors. Whether it's updating config files, writing automation playbooks, or designing Kubernetes manifests, a good text editor makes your tasks easier and makes you more productive. A nice text editor also makes your job more enjoyable.

At Enable Sysadmin, 2020 was the year of Vim. Four out of the top five text editor articles showcase this flexible and efficient editor. This list contains a great selection of articles covering topics from basic Vim usage to more advanced use cases such as applying macros and deploying plugins to extend Vim's functionality. If Vim is not your thing, the other article in this list presents five IDE (Integrated Development Environment) alternatives for sysadmins that should appeal to different tastes and backgrounds.

Whether you choose a text editor or an IDE, the important thing is choosing a tool that makes you comfortable. The list of the top five text editor articles will help you with that.

Top 5 Linux text editor guides from 2020

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