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Red Hat Enable Sysadmin Sudoer

Alexon Oliveira


Alexon has been working as a Senior Technical Account Manager at Red Hat since 2018, working in the Customer Success organization focusing on Infrastructure and Management, Integration and Automation, Cloud Computing, and Storage Solutions. He is a part of the TAM Practices LATAM team based in São Paulo, Brazil, where his job is partnering with, advocating, trust-advising, and supporting customers in their success goals while making use of the complete portfolio. He also contributes to produce and enhance documentation, knowledge-base articles, blog posts, presentations, webinars, and workshops. He is a member of numerous communities in addition to the Sudoers, like Red Hat Academy and Red Hat Accelerators. When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending quality time with his family (wife, daughter, and cat) and participating in several volunteer jobs.

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