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Are you a TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect?

The TOGAF standard offers an extensible framework to define enterprise architecture. Is the related certification a nice to have or need to have for a career as an Enterprise Architect?
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Are you TOGAF certified?


Getting the job of your dream begins by having the type of experience and education needed to get hired in the first place. For many, the title of architect in an engineering context—Enterprise Architect, Cloud Architect, Systems Architect or any other kind—is that dream destination. What it takes to achieve this coveted title remains less documented than we would like.

That's why we continue to explore the topic here on Enable Architect. In How to get hired as an Enterprise Architect in 2021, we learn how enterprise architects apply their varied skills. In 5 strategies to shift your career from sysadmin to architect, even more of the picture becomes clear. 

What remains, however, is an understanding of what the TOGAF certification can do for us. TOGAF is arguably the most well-known certifications related to enterprise architecture, noting "87,000 Enterprise Architects and trainers around the globe" using the framework. The question I haven't been able to completely answer is whether the TOGAF certification is a way to accelerate an engineer's career toward enterprise architecture expertise.

We would love to hear about your journey toward enterprise architecture, TOGAF certification, or the steps it took to become an enterprise architect. Start by voting in this poll and continue by sharing your interest in becoming an author.

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Matt has a background in storage architecture, virtualization, and adoption of DevOps practices through companies small and large. More about me

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