Container-native storage for modern applications with OpenShift and Red Hat Gluster Storage

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Sayan Saha, Sr. Manager, Project Management Red Hat and Michael Adam, Manager, Software Engineering, Red Hat share in this breakout session at Red Hat Summit 2017.

Learn how running a storage platform in kubernetes pods is a game changer not just for storage administrators but for application developers as well. This ground breaking technology runs containerized Gluster (a mature distributed open source storage platform) inside Kubernetes and on Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform as a completely integrated solution aggregating storage from local hosts (Kubernetes worker nodes) and serving it out to application containers. This solution integrates a fully featured enterprise grade storage platform with a wide variety of data services including snapshots, geo-replication, tiering, cloning, encryption; runs storage and compute containers on the same set of nodes, all provisioned using Kubernetes/OpenShift. The session will feature a demo and a detailed roadmap for this solution.

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