Default to open: The story of open source and Red Hat

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Red Hat Films is proud to unveil this documentary looking at the past,present,and future of Red Hat and the evolution of open source.

Take a look back at the beginnings of open source,and its growth through the 80s and 90s. Meet the people involved,and understand how Red Hat got started,went public,and changed the technology industry along the way.

Experience this story from some of the people that helped craft it,including DeLisa Alexander,Jeremy Allison,Paul Cormier,Alan Cox,John Halamka,Venky Hariharan,Lawrence Lessig,Alex Pinchev,Brian Stevens,Michael Tiemann,Mark Webbink,Jim Whitehurst,Jan Wildeboer,and Bob Young.

See what the early days were like,and what they think the future might hold for open technology and the software business.

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The Red Hat Way
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