Deterministic Storage Performance: 'The AWS way' for Capacity Based QoS with OpenStack and Ceph

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Hear from Kyle Bader, Sr. Solution Architect, Red Hat, Sean Cohen, Associate Manager, Product Management, Red Hat, and Federico Lucifredi, Product Management Director, Ceph, Red Hat, in this breakout session from Red Hat Summit 2017.

Managing storage quality of service is a hot topic among operators of OpenStack systems. Tenants demand that their private cloud environments provide familiar public cloud modalities, including the ability to provision deterministic storage performance. This talk details how Ceph storage pools can be combined with Cinder Volume Types to emulate Amazon’s Magnetic and Provisioned IOPS Elastic Block Store (EBS). Performance graphs detail when size based limits or fixed limits are more appropriate, depending on the type of storage media used in the underlying Ceph pool.

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