The future of networking at Red Hat

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While networking may not seem like a primary focus for Red Hat, nearly every product in the portfolio relies on networking as a key component. Currently, it all starts with Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a high-performance network host. Hardware offload is used to take advantage of special purpose networking cards for datapath acceleration. Ansible networking harnesses the full power of Ansible to automate network device configuration. Open vSwitch is used as a virtual switch for our cloud solutions with SDN integrations.

Looking forward, there are many exciting technologies that will accelerate the data path, help Red Hat Enterprise Linux be used as a network operating system, expand our SDN capabilities for network functions virtualization and hybrid cloud, and advance application networks.

In this session, Andre Fredette, Red Hat, reviews Red Hat's existing networking products and technologies, then examines emerging networking technologies that be included in Red Hat products in the future.

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