Introducing AMQ Streams—data streaming with Apache Kafka

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Apache Kafka has emerged as a leading platform for building real-time data pipelines. It provides support for high-throughput/low-latency messaging, as well as sophisticated development options that cover all the stages of a distributed data-streaming pipeline—from ingestion to processing.

In this session, we'll introduce and demonstrate AMQ Streams, an enterprise-grade distribution of Apache Kafka. We'll showcase how AMQ Streams can be deployed on OpenShift to simplify the task of configuring, deploying, and managing Kafka clusters and Kafka-based applications at scale.

With AMQ Streams now joining Broker and Interconnect, AMQ now offers a rich suite of messaging technologies covering every type of connectivity challenge, for example, IoT data ingestion, enterprise application integration, secure cross-data center connectivity, and data streaming. In this session, we'll also compare the different AMQ messaging engines and highlight their respective sweet-spots.

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