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As organizations expand their footprint within cloud-native architectures, Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat products that extend its functionality become key to scaling infrastructure to manage more workloads and applications. Red Hat now offers an extensive portfolio of training and certifications to teach the skills required for these advanced Red Hat OpenShift capabilities.

We have recently launched advanced training courses to help teams and individuals looking to increase self-sufficiency in Red Hat OpenShift administration. And we have even more that are currently in development. We’ll provide some course highlights in this post.

Equipping project teams for with tools for success

Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation, Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization, and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes can help enterprises run and manage Kubernetes at scale. Red Hat OpenShift adoption can introduce teams to a collaborative DevOps culture and promote innovation, but new advanced training from Red Hat enables teams to leverage the scalability and flexibility afforded by these offerings.

How can using cloud native infrastructure, Red Hat OpenShift add-ons and Red Hat Training benefit your organization? 

Cloud provider portability - Skills developed through Red Hat Training can help prepare students to manage containerized applications across public or private cloud infrastructure, regardless of deployment on-premise or cloud. 

Innovate faster - Fully embracing cloud-native architectures using Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes can help accelerate  time to market and allow you to scale with business demands. 

Maintain reliable infrastructure - Improve the performance of your data by operating Kubernetes infrastructure that is scalable and reliable. 

New Red Hat OpenShift training courses

Cluster administrators, cluster engineers, and site reliability engineers can now participate in training that teaches the installation and customization of Red Hat OpenShift (DO322), the migration of apps to the latest release (DO326), and the efficient scaling of Kubernetes deployments (DO380). 

As of September 2021, a new training course focusing on Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation is available to cloud storage administrators and senior OpenShift engineers and architects around the world. Enterprise Kubernetes Storage with Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation (DO370) teaches the essential skills required to design, implement, and manage an OpenShift Data Foundation cluster and perform day-to-day Kubernetes storage management tasks. 

The Red Hat Training and Certification webinar "Modern cloud storage for Kubernetes" provides a brief introduction to the course and the value that it may bring to organizations with pain points in these areas.  

What’s next?

Even more advanced Red Hat OpenShift training offerings are slated for release this year, including a course on scaling and managing across clusters with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management and another on virtualization in Kubernetes environments. 

The Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management course will teach the skills required to manage a fleet of containerized applications and Kubernetes clusters; automate compliance with security, governance, and other organization policies; and implement DevOps practices. The Red Hat Virtualization course will demonstrate how to create and manage virtual machines on OpenShift using the Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization operator.

Whether your instance of Red Hat OpenShift is self-managed, managed, or dedicated, it’s nearly impossible to customize and scale to the enterprise level without tailored expertise. Red Hat Training and Certification evolves with product offerings, so you can always feel confident that you are learning the most up-to-date curriculum developed by experts in the field. 

Find your path

If you’re not sure where to begin on your Red Hat Training and Certification journey, check out the Red Hat OpenShift skills path for inspiration. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of the entire portfolio, Red Hat Learning Subscription provides unlimited access to the comprehensive Red Hat Training curriculum. Sign up for a seven-day no-cost trial to preview the first chapter of any course and get an hour of lab time. 

About the author

Chris Tusa started his career in the webhosting and managed services industry, helping to establish new offerings at Rackspace and Flexential, with products such as Virtual Private Cloud and Compliance. In 2010, Tusa joined Red Hat as a cloud-specialist solution architect, partnering with some of Red Hat’s largest customers to design, plan and execute their hybrid cloud strategy. Today, he is a leader in Red Hat's Customer Success organization, responsible for customer and partner hands-on education.

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