Today brings yet another milestone in the journey of OpenShift Container Platform with the 3.5 release. As always, each and every release of OpenShift comes with enhancements and improvements in user experience, scalability, flexibility, reliability, and performance. OpenShift 3.5 is no exception to the norm:

  • Kubernetes for the Enterprise
    • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is on an accelerated release schedule that provides you with an enterprise Kubernetes cluster sooner than anyone else, with support for Kubernetes 1.5
  • Expanded applications support
    • Native Java builder for Spring Boot, WildFly Swarm, Vert.x, and other microservices frameworks
    • Updated Software Collections Library content including an official Redis image
    • A technology preview of StatefulSets for ordered, graceful deployment, scaling, deletion and termination.
  • Security and Networking enhancements
    • UDP Multicast support for applications in the cluster
    • A technology preview of NetworkPolicy, a Kubernetes feature to control network traffic in the cluster
      SSL certificate deployment enhancements to make working with custom certificates even easier

The following blog posts provide more details on these features and enhancements:

Release notes, downloads, and other information can be found on the customer portal: