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Red Hat Ceph Storage provides object, block and file data services for organizations modernizing their hybrid-cloud and data analytics infrastructures. With the release of Red Hat Ceph Storage 3.2, improved performance and functionality is driving new storage use cases in the modernized datacenter.

In addition to data security and integrity, organizations must consider their strategy around data protection, backup and archiving.  Whether you are backing up your enterprise application data as part of a disaster recovery strategy, or you are performing deep archives of sensitive records, rich media, or regulated data, Red Hat works with industry-leading backup, recovery and archiving partners to certify Ceph as a backup target for your most important data.

The Hybrid Landscape

Hybrid cloud strategies are at the forefront of most organizations’ IT modernization plans. Not only must IT architects and managers determine the best cloud topology, but they also wish to effectively manage data across this varied set of technologies. Costs associated with deploying siloed data management systems and targets can easily burden your budget.

Software-defined object storage can help manage these requirements as a pillar that should be part of every organization’s modernization strategy. As a baseline, object storage can help deliver cost efficiency, has the ability to scale to double-digit petabyte capacities, and provides improved data access, availability, and durability features.

Ceph continues to be a popular hybrid-cloud storage platform1, and Red Hat Ceph Storage has expanded into new use cases, including Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Data Analytics and containers. As Ceph is targeted more and more across a diverse set of data center workloads in mission critical environments, businesses must remain conscious of data integrity and redundancy needs while incorporating backup and recovery strategies for their operating data.

The new Ceph workload: Backup Target

In conjunction with industry-leading backup, recovery, and archiving partners, Red Hat Ceph Storage can deliver the robust scalability and flexibility enterprises are looking for from a software-defined storage solution while providing data durability. By virtue of an AWS S3-compatible cloud storage API, Red Hat Ceph Storage 3.2 has been certified as a cloud backup target with a number of enterprise backup products. Red Hat’s broad partner ecosystem empowers users with the right product for their backup workflow, granularity, and SLAs while realizing the benefits of Red Hat Ceph Storage as a storage platform for backup.

The following partners have certified Red Hat Ceph Storage 3.2 as a backup storage target with their respective products:


Product version


Cloud Data Management v11

NetApp AltaVault

Cloud Backup (AltaVault) 4.3.2 and 4.4


Cloud Data Management (CDM) 3.2 and later


TrilioVault 3.0

Veeam (Object storage compatibility)

Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4


Veeam Ready Archive for 9.5


NetBackup for OpenStorage (OST) 7.7 and 8.0


Partnering with leading vendors in the backup and recovery space, Red Hat Ceph Storage lets you work with the tools you already have, enabling customers to choose from a wide variety of backup technology options, rather than forcing a limited, vendor-directed choice. The popular all-purpose workload backup solutions are joined by specialty options, such as VMware backup, delivered by Veeam, and Ceph-aware dedicated OpenStack integration (TrilioVault).

Red Hat Ceph Storage can integrate with your preferred enterprise backup strategy, supporting a varied set of data center workloads and Service Level Agreement requirements, ranging from unstructured data and files to virtual machines and OpenStack Cloud infrastructure. And you can count on advanced backup and recovery solutions from names you can trust, named for their vision and ability to execute by industry analysts.

By leveraging your Red Hat Ceph Storage environment across data sets and use cases, you’ll be well on your way to modernizing your Data Center infrastructure. And with robust backup, recovery and archiving solutions, you’ll be primed to protect your most mission critical data. Be sure to watch our Red Hat Storage blog for up to date product and partner news on Ceph, and subscribe for updates. And for more information on how Red Hat can help address data storage challenges for the modern Data Center, please visit our Red Hat Ceph Storage page.

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