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When you do some site housekeeping, it's also a good time to do a little content housekeeping as well.

We recently updated our Software participation page after launching the new RedHatOfficial organization page on GitHub. This week, it's time for the Standards page to get an update.

As you may know, Red Hat contributes to a wide range of standardization efforts that define future interoperable technologies. We want to be on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to new technologies, but that doesn't mean we don't want to establish and support standards.

We also work within the frameworks of foundations and technology consortia while contributing to the myriad of free and open source projects. It would be impossible not to--how would it look if we contributed to the Linux kernel and not be active members of the Linux Foundation?

Participating in standards bodies, consortia, and foundations takes a lot of coordination. William Simpson is our point person for working with all of these organizations on the business side, which takes a lot of work. His commitment reflects that of the OSAS team and Red Hat as a whole: innovation must be a part of a community to have the most impact.

Image by Nick Youngson under CC BY-SA 3.0 ImageCreator.

About the author

Brian Proffitt is a Manager within Red Hat's Open Source Program Office, focusing on content generation, community metrics, and special projects. Brian's experience with community management includes knowledge of community onboarding, community health, and business alignment. Prior to joining Red Hat in 2014, he was a technology journalist with a focus on Linux and open source, and the author of 22 consumer technology books. 

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