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In this month’s customer success highlights, learn how Banfico, Porsche Informatik and Korea Land and Housing Corporation are making use of Red Hat products and services to expand partnerships, scale business growth, reduce application delivery times and more.

Banfico delivers open banking with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Fintech startup Banfico provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to its client banks in alignment with the United Kingdom (UK)’s Open Banking mandate.

Open banking is a business model that uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to more safely share financial data between organizations and technologies, transforming the banking industry by supporting more innovative and engaging customer experiences.

To deliver its services at the pace of market demand while maintaining compliance with the latest industry standards, Banfico sought to adopt a fully managed cloud application platform. With Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, the company can rapidly build new applications with self-service provisioning and automated management processes while scaling across cloud providers and regions.

Integrating with and providing access to Third-Party Providers (TPPs) is key to open banking operations. With an aggregated API platform hosted on Red Hat OpenShift, Banfico’s marketplace partners can more easily connect to Banfico’s systems and teams in a compliant, security-focused way.

Benefits Banfico has experienced include:

  • Expanded open banking partnerships with aggregated API platform

  • Created scalable foundation for global business growth

  • Reduced application delivery times from 25 minutes to near-instant deployment

  • Enhanced security through built-in, automated compliance with industry standards

After successfully establishing a modern container strategy in a flexible public cloud, Banfico plans to expand its use of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS as its business grows, in line with its long-term strategy of experimentation and innovation.

Read more about Banfico’s use of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS in the full case study.

Porsche Informatik drives user experience with Red Hat OpenShift

Porsche Informatik provides IT services to the Volkswagen Group, and has been shaping tomorrow’s automotive business for more than 50 years. Recognizing end-user experience as a critical success factor in the digital era, the automotive software specialist realized that it needed to ensure scalability and accelerate innovation.

With Red Hat OpenShift the company is able to deploy new software more frequently and ensure availability across its connected car process, mobility as a service process, traditional retail process, apps and more.

Red Hat partner Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation, in this case ensuring the end-to-end visibility of performance.

Porsche Informatik used Red Hat OpenShift for a PaaS environment to establish a private cloud. With help from data center provider eww ITandTEL and a Red Hat Technical Account Manager (TAM), the organization migrated to Red Hat OpenShift running on-premise in just six weeks. The platform now hosts development processes across thousands of containers on 75 nodes, used regularly by more than 350 developers.

The benefits Porsche Informatik has experienced include:

  • Improved agility to enable a 90% reduction in time-to-market

  • Enabled DevOps for more frequent deployments

  • Enhanced scalability for a great customer experience

  • Gained end-to-end visibility of performance with Dynatrace

After successfully adopting Red Hat OpenShift complemented by automated monitoring from Dynatrace, Porsche Informatik continues to expand its use of its Red Hat and Dynatrace technologies to accelerate innovation as a market leader in the automotive sector.

Read more about Porsche Informatik’s work in the full case study.

Korea Land and Housing improves urban development using Red Hat OpenShift

Korea Land and Housing (LH) Corporation is a state-owned organization that provides IT services and cloud technology to support housing, land and smart city development, including renewable energy projects. To apply insights from the data it collects to solve challenges such as traffic congestion and bus service times, LH created COMPAS.

2021 Containers-pattern-Blog-thumbnail.png The COMPAS platform performs robust data analysis to help Korea LH and local governments collaboratively address citizen needs. In its first two years of operation, more than ten local governments have used COMPAS, and Korea LH has achieved reductions in both infrastructure operating costs and management time.

After evaluating potential open source solutions, LH decided to use Red Hat OpenShift as the foundation of COMPAS, running in a public cloud environment managed by implementation partner Gabia.

Benefits experienced by Korea LH include:

  • Increased local government engagement with central platform for open data access

  • Simplified platform management with standardized runtimes and easier updates

  • Reduced infrastructure costs by adopting a managed public cloud environment

The initial success of the COMPAS platform has prompted more local governments to request data insight from Korea LH. The organization is also continuing to update the platform with new capabilities, including upgraded data-linking services and complex analytical design models. To help plan for future development, LH has engaged Red Hat Consulting for a Services Discovery Session and Services Design Workshops.

Learn more about this project in the full case study.

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