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Everyone’s talking about DevOps these days; what it means and how to enable it. Yet, realizing the promise of DevOps is complex. Business leaders are increasingly challenged to merge legacy tooling, systems, process, and skills with the hallmarks of a seemingly elusive DevOps culture — and BPM is no exception.

As featured in TechTarget and at this year’s Red Hat Summit, we spoke to a design approach that uses and applies advances in software development (e.g. microservices) to business automation, closing the gap that has historically characterized the relationship of BPM with developers. Using a design approach that adds rigorous engineering practices to BPM while eliminating additional risk, businesses can codify business logic in a way that ensures the higher quality, faster time to market, and lower, predictable cost associated with modern software development.

These principles are summarized in a whitepaper that provides an actionable design model and template to take back to your organization and accelerate your business automation journey to better product, more quickly.

Download the whitepaper to learn how.




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