Red Hat certifications span our entire technology portfolio, bringing confidence to individuals and organizations alike. Whether it’s enterprise architecture certifications, core Linux system administration skills, developer knowledge of specialized frameworks, or emerging technologies like containers and cloud, Red Hat knows the skills that are needed for success.

Earning a Red Hat Certification is an industry-recognized achievement and we want to help you share your accomplishment with your professional network, friends, and family. To that end, we are proud to offer Red Hat digital credentials via our third-party issuance partner, Credly.

What’s a Red Hat Digital Credential?

Red Hat Digital Credentials recognize and reward learning achievements, community contributions and ecosystem engagement to drive the adoption of Red Hat technologies and to support customer success. A digital credential is earned upon meeting defined criteria, and Red Hat digital credentials can represent many types of achievements. A Red Hat digital badge is a sharable, verified, portable, data-rich form of that record.

When someone views your Red Hat Certification digital badge, they can learn more about your skills and also verify the badge’s authenticity—providing an easy way for someone to confirm your knowledge and training. You can also share your digital badge on social media, or embed it in your resume—allowing readers to immediately recognize it as a trusted Red Hat validation of your achievement. Sharing Red Hat-issued digital badges is the appropriate way to display Red Hat Digital Credentialing Program-supported achievements on social media, on the web and in other digital settings.

Follow the simple process below to claim your digital badge and downloadable certificate

  1. Watch to receive an email in your inbox from Red Hat via Credly 

  2. Click the button in the email to accept your digital badge

  3. Create a Credly account, if you don’t already have one

  4. Share your Red Hat achievement!  There are many different forums and ways that you can share your digital badge with others.  Credly provides basic instructions here that you can reference to help you set up sharing from your Credly account. Once you've completed the process of claiming your first Red Hat digital badge, claiming any subsequent badges will be even easier. 

Questions and support

Have problems with or questions about your Red Hat Certification? Submit the contact form.

For questions related to your Credly account and profile, as well as issues related to claiming your digital badge after receiving a notification, please visit the Credly support page or view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn more

Learn more about Red Hat's Digital Credentialing Program and see all of Red Hat’s digital badges here.


About the author

Randy Russell is the director of Certification and leads the team that develops and delivers Red Hat's certification programs and exams.  A long-time proponent of performance-based testing, he has served on the board and as president and chairman of the Performance Testing Council, as well as having presented on this subject and others at industry conferences such as the Association of Test Publishers, the European Association of Test Publishers, CeDMA and TSIA.  Prior to joining Red Hat, Russell was a system administrator and programmer at an environmental economics consulting firm.

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