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The Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console is a powerful web-based management interface for all your Red Hat Hybrid Cloud products. You can use the console to manage Red Hat infrastructure, including Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Screenshot of Hybrid Cloud Console showing get started information.

The Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console is a cloud-based service; there is no infrastructure that a customer needs to deploy. It provides an intuitive, intelligently designed, and easy-to-use UI that supports a wide variety of operations across your entire organization. You get a centralized view of your hybrid cloud environment, which allows you to manage and automate deployments, applications, and infrastructure all from one place.

For a quick rundown of key features of the Hybrid Cloud Console when used with OpenShift, check out this short video:


Here’s how the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console can help you manage your Red Hat OpenShift clusters across almost any environment, all from a single location.

Features and benefits of the console for OpenShift

The Hybrid Cloud Console provides powerful benefits and features for keeping your OpenShift fleet healthy, secure, and under control, such as:

  • Increasing visibility and control: With a centralized view of your hybrid cloud environment, you can visualize and manage on-premise bare-metal and virtual environments as well as cloud-based self-managed and fully managed environments.
  • Automating key tasks: Red Hat Ansible allows you to automate tasks such as deployment, configuration, and monitoring and operations. Automation helps free up staff to focus on more strategic and business-critical initiatives, and the Hybrid Cloud Console provides a single easy-to-use dashboard with elegant, functional, and useful views for deeper insights into your automation.
  • Improving security and compliance: Features such as role-based access control, powerful subscription management, CVE and vulnerability visibility and analysis, and best practice recommendations enhance your systems’ security.
  • Increased cost management visibility: Get insights to help you better understand and reduce costs, including across Red Hat and cloud provider infrastructure such as AWS, Google Compute Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

The console even includes built-in wizards for installing managed OpenShift deployments, such as ROSA, directly into cloud providers.

Screenshot of interface to create a ROSA cluster.

It also integrates installs using  the Assisted Installer to help simplify the creation of bare-metal environments for your on-premises physical OpenShift clusters.

Screenshot of installing an OpenShift cluster

It’s a one-stop shop putting you in the driver’s seat, from metal to cloud!

Track cluster health and status

The Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console provides a single view into your OpenShift clusters no matter what environment they are running in, to help you to build, manage, and maintain your entire fleet.

Screenshot of the cluster management interface.

The beautifully designed and well-integrated dashboards available in the Hybrid Cloud Console show you the fleet’s health easily. You can quickly review telemetry, cost management, subscription management, and security scanning with a few easy clicks.

Screenshot of the cluster dashboard.

You can even connect the console to your accounts from your external cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure and track their usage and costs directly from the Hybrid Cloud Console.

Screenshot of the cost management tool for AWS

And with integrated Red Hat Insights for OpenShift, you get built-in Red Hat best practice recommendations to keep your clusters running smoothly, fueled by the latest Red Hat advice.

Screenshot of the built-in Advisor Recommendations.

Insights also gives deep analysis of your clusters' security landscape with graphical views of outstanding CVEs, their severity level, and exactly which clusters need your attention.

Screenshot of known CVE advisories.

Try it out today!

And all this is part of your Red Hat OpenShift subscription and integrated into your existing Red Hat account today!

Login with your Red Hat login at to see the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud in action on your account right now.

With the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console managing your Open Hybrid Cloud has never been easier!

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