Screenshot of the OpenShift Commons Gathering Web Page

Are you ready for Amsterdam? This OpenShift Commons Gathering will be held live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and broadcast live to regional watch parties around the globe. As always, our focus is on creating a space for peer-to-peer interactions and we'll be going hybrid, so if you are unable to attend in person, join us online. This Gathering will focus on Emerging Technology and Case Studies from and by End Users with production deployments of OpenShift sharing their use cases, insights into their workloads and lessons learned along the way. Topics covered during this Gathering include hybrid cloud infrastructure, cloud-native development, and new Emerging technology initiatives on the Edge.

If you'd like to attend this free event for users of OpenShift, please follow this link to the registration page. The schedule is still coming together, so stay tuned to the Commons Gathering page for more updates on the event as they happen.