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Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift, an Azure-native, turnkey application platform, allows your teams to get up and running quickly. With joint support and management from both Microsoft and Red Hat, your teams can confidently build and scale applications and focus on innovative IT transformation projects while we manage the rest.

Utilize an Azure-native service

As an Azure-native service, Azure Red Hat OpenShift offers easy integration with Azure services and tools to provide developers the tools they need to easily create new applications. As a first-party solution, Azure Red Hat OpenShift allows you to optimize spending more easily by taking advantage of a single bill, while having the ability to tap into your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). Customers can also benefit from a range of compliance offerings, which you can learn more about here.

Delve deeper into what the Microsoft and Red Hat collaboration means for your business. 

Leverage a turnkey application platform 

Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a fully-managed, turnkey application platform. This gives your team the capabilities to help simplify modernizing existing apps, developing new applications and adding intelligence to your applications. With fully-integrated development and operational productivity features such as an integrated development environment, runtimes, build pipelines, monitoring and service mesh, you can use this complete platform to drive your digital transformation journey.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift has several different layers, including the compute layer, core operating system layer, Kubernetes layer, OpenShift layer and OpenShift Operators on top. The beauty of Azure Red Hat OpenShift is you don’t have to worry about managing any of this.

We simplify management, so you can focus on your business

Microsoft and Red Hat work together to jointly and proactively manage your platform. If something goes wrong, you only have to submit a single support ticket that will be addressed by both companies. Not only does this reduce wait time for a resolution, it also mitigates possible interruptions. 

A global site reliability engineering (SRE) team manages the full stack, from infrastructure to daily operations. This team proactively manages lifecycle, scaling security, patching and incident response. They will also implement automation, including upgrades, scaling and certificate management. With a 99.95% SLA, your team has access to a more secure and stable application platform.

After you get up and running, we continue to work on Day Two operations with monitoring and patching and continuing to implement automated tasks where appropriate. By taking care of the management of day to day operations, Azure Red Hat OpenShift allows you to focus on developing new applications that benefit your business and your customers. 

Get started quickly with flexibility and customization

Your team is able to get Red Hat OpenShift clusters up and running in minutes with self-service deployment through the Azure console, as demonstrated in this video:.

Utilize the Landing Zone Accelerator for Azure Red Hat OpenShift, which provides architectural guidance, reference architecture and a reference implementation to help deploy a well-architected platform to suit their needs. Read more about the Azure Red Hat OpenShift Landing Zone Accelerator.

After you’re set up, you’re also able to customize Day Two operations with configurations that can be modified to fit your specific needs. Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a flexible platform that brings the consistency of OpenShift from on-premises to the cloud, fostering hybrid cloud flexibility. 

By combining a turnkey application platform with the benefits of being a fully-managed first-party Azure service, you’ll be able to improve time to value and refocus your priorities on innovative business needs.

If you want to learn more about Azure Red Hat OpenShift, check out the video below where Joachim Schroder, Red Hat Senior Cloud Services Black Belt and Roy de Milde, Microsoft Global Black Belt give an in-depth overview about Azure Red Hat OpenShift. 

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Courtney started at Red Hat in 2021 on the OpenShift team. With degrees in Marketing and Economics and certificates through AWS and Microsoft she is passionate about cloud computing and product marketing.

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