With the latest release of convert2RHEL, we are pleased to offer additional options to organizations who choose to migrate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Here’s what’s new:

Other release highlights include:

  • The --keep-rhsm option has been deprecated and convert2rhel will no longer replace subscription-manager with the RHEL version if it was installed before starting the convert2RHEL process
  • Convert2RHEL will no longer unregister a system that was registered prior to the conversion
  • The tool now prevents multiple convert2rhel instances from being run at the same time

Now that these new capabilities are live, work on future releases is underway. Things you can look forward to include:

For those who are unfamiliar, convert2RHEL is a supported tool developed by the RHEL conversions team that gives companies the control, confidence and freedom to migrate from other (RHEL-derivative) Linux operating systems to RHEL. In particular, we support conversions of CentOS Linux 7 and Oracle Enterprise Linux 7, as well as Alma Linux 8, Oracle Enterprise Linux 8, CentOS Linux 8 and Rocky Linux 8. Additionally, there are unsupported upstream options to convert Scientific Linux.

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Residing at the north pole, Sweden. Manager and team lead on the RHEL conversions team and their Convert2RHEL product offering. Has two Maine Coons called Isolde and Liza.

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Bob Handlin has helped build and promote products in various parts of the tech industry for more than 20 years. He currently focuses on RHEL migrations and upgrades, but also assists with storage technologies and live patching.

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