Red Hat Insights has long been known for predictive analytics that can identify potential issues and recommend solutions so IT teams can address those issues before they cause an outage, security breach, or other major problem.

At Red Hat Summit, we announced the expansion of Insights beyond analytics with new and enhanced management capabilities designed to help reduce enterprise Linux complexity across the hybrid cloud without slowing innovation. Many of these new capabilities were available in Insights when they were announced, but a few were still in tech preview.

Now, Red Hat is excited to announce that all the Insights features and enhancements announced at Red Hat Summit are generally available. Here is a progressive overview of Insights capabilities on the road to enabling better end-to-end Enterprise Linux (RHEL) system management.

Standardizing on custom image builds with Insights image builder

  • Build custom images to define a standard operating environment (SOE) that will be virtually identical across on-premises and cloud environments. [Available last year]
  • Add third-party Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) repositories to include third-party software when building an SOE. [Now GA]
  • Deploy hosts to the cloud easily by launching custom image builds directly to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. [Now GA]

Remediating RHEL systems

  • Generate remediation playbooks to address vulnerabilities, apply patches, meet compliance requirements, or apply Insights advisor recommendations. [Available last year]
  • Remediate RHEL systems on-premises or in the cloud by executing remediation playbooks directly from Insights. [Available at Red Hat Summit]
  • Configure patch templates to control which hosts receive which patches. [Available at Red Hat Summit]

Learn more

For more on these new management capabilities, check out the detailed blog post.

Along with all these new Insights capabilities, we’ve released new documentation to help you get started:

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