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The DevOps Dozen are "12 awards recognizing the companies who develop and deliver outstanding solutions to empower developers, DevOps and IT operations teams." The awards have been given out annually for the past eight years by the Techstrong Group. The winners were just announced, and we're proud to say that Red Hat won two of the dozen.

Red Hat OpenShift won the award for Best Kubernetes Platform/Service. From the 2022 awards' site:

The adoption of containers has paved the way for an entire solutions ecosystem supporting and enhancing the container technology. Kubernetes is perhaps the most widely recognized and utilized tool in the space. There are many platforms and services that offer Kubernetes based solutions. This award honors the best Kubernetes platform/service available.

“While we continue to see great innovation in the Kubernetes platform space, Red Hat’s OpenShift is still the 800-pound gorilla here, and more than deserving of this award.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

Red Hat OpenShift – Red Hat OpenShift is a container orchestration platform that builds on Kubernetes’ rock-solid foundation—paying full respect to the open source community that continues to nurture the project. The downstream OpenShift project extends Kubernetes to make it suitable for enterprise operations teams. Indeed, Red Hat OpenShift focuses on an enterprise user experience. It’s designed to provide everything a full-scale company may need to orchestrate containers—including enhanced security options and full-time professional support—and it integrates directly into enterprises’ custom IT stacks.

That's not all, either. 

Award banner for Red Hat OpenShift GitOps

We're also proud to announce that Red Hat OpenShift GitOps won the award for best DevOps Repo/GitOps tool/Service. Again, from the awards' site:

Git has led to GitOps and it has become an integral part of the DevOps toolbox. This award is presented to the most outstanding Repo/Git/GitOps tool.

“The Best DevOps Repo/GitOps Tool/Service award again goes to Red Hat OpenShift GitOps for helping organizations realize faster, more secure and scalable software development. OpenShift GitOps enables IT teams to implement GitOps workflows for cluster configuration and application delivery.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

Red Hat OpenShift GitOps – As the number of clusters in a Kubernetes environment grows and as applications are deployed to different clusters in different environments — such as development, staging and production — Red Hat OpenShift GitOps ensures the kind of consistency, security and support that enterprises require. OpenShift GitOps is based on Argo CD, a CNCF project that acts as the declarative GitOps engine that enables GitOps workflows across multicluster OpenShift and Kubernetes infrastructure.

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