Event-driven automation for IT Ops

Act fast and consistently to changing IT conditions for smooth operations

Event-Driven Ansible® is now included in Red Hat® Ansible Automation Platform to help you deliver an automated response to changing IT conditions. You will connect intelligence from observability and other IT management tools to an automated response in Event-Driven Ansible. You can reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR), ensure web certificates are always updated, automatically address limits for storage, memory and other resources, create self service solutions to reduce the number of tickets, and more.

Key use case discussions you will find in this e-book include how to:

  • Respond fast and consistently to issues and outages with limited or new staff.
  • Automate routine tasks so you can focus on more important priorities.
  • Make better use of intelligence about your IT operation by acting automatically.
  • Keep critical applications and systems in top operational form.
Download this e-book to learn more about the fine details of Event-Driven Ansible, and then get started with your own use cases.
Use event-driven automation with ITOps

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