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Co.Lab kits

The best part about our Co.Lab kits? Anyone can use them. Educators incorporate them into their curricula. Parents use these STEM resources to inspire creativity and collaboration in their kids. And people with a genuine interest in technology and the power of open source use them … just for fun. Each of our kits was inspired by an Open Source Stories film, article, or talk.

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Robot kit

Red Hat Co.Lab Robot Kit

Build your own open source robot

Let your imagination guide you through building your own open source robot, complete with LEDs, Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in compass, and the ability to follow a line and “see” what’s in front of it. Then watch the 5-part short film series, How to Start a Robot Revolution, for additional inspiration.

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Farm kit

Red Hat Co.Lab Farm Kit

Farm in the open

Use breadboards, electrical circuits, and a microgreen starter kit to create and power an open source mini farm. Build a moisture indicator to ensure proper watering so your microgreens grow strong. And watch Farming for the Future to see how other farmers are using open source principles to grow more efficient, ecofriendly crops.

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Light kit

Red Hat Co.Lab Light Sensing Kit

Get started with circuits

Learn how breadboards work, and experiment with simple circuits. Understand how to track changes in light using a sensor and how these changes can affect a motor’s speed, and examine how much light affects our environment. As you build your kit, watch The Science of Collective Discovery to see how hardware is helping people around the world create groundbreaking work.

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Conversation Machine kit

Red Hat Co.Lab Conversation Machine Kit

Design a communication device

Use this kit to build an open source visual communication device using LEDs and push buttons. Experiment with unique coded messages and ideas based on lights and patterns as you construct your conversation machine. As you build your kit, watch Cracking the Textbook to explore how students can be more successful when using open source textbooks.

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Instrument kit

Red Hat Co.Lab Instrument Kit

Create an interactive musical instrument

Learn the basics of using a 555 timer and conductive paint and ink to understand how physical design affects the way a tool is used. Then use this knowledge—and your own creative thinking—to build an interactive musical instrument. Once you’ve built your kit, watch The Art of Exchange to further explore the role open source plays in creating and sharing new ideas.

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Robotic Hand Kit

Red Hat Co.Lab Robotic Hand Kit

Build your own robotic hand

Using only cardboard, a servomechanism (servo), nylon string, and a simple sensor, you’ll build a prosthetic hand that can perform a simple gripping motion. After you build your kit, watch e-NABLE to see how open source can empower us to find creative new ways to help people with differing abilities.

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