How are citizen scientists using open hardware to make groundbreaking discoveries?

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Caren Cooper

Caren Cooper

Associate Professor of Forestry and Environmental Resources

Caren Cooper is an associate professor of Forestry and Environmental Resources and member of the Chancellor's Faculty Excellence Program in Leadership in Public Science at North Carolina State University. She is an advocate for citizen science and open science, and has written a book on these subjects. Caren is also the director of research partnerships at SciStarter, which connects people to citizen science projects, other citizen scientists, and resources.

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Public Lab

Public Lab


Public Lab is a network of environmental advocates—including organizers, researchers, technologists, and educators—working to provide low-cost, open hardware tools for monitoring communities' air, water, and land quality.

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Open source solution

AirCasting is an end-to-end open source solution for collecting, displaying, and sharing health and environmental data using smartphones.

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Community-based organization

UPROSE promotes sustainability and resiliency in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood. Founded in 1966, it is Brooklyn's oldest Latino community-based organization.

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Co.Lab light sensing kit

Build a light sensor

Explore how breadboards work, experiment with simple circuits, and build a light sensor of your own with this Co.Lab kit.

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