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A Community for Farm Innovation

Dorn Cox

Dorn Cox

We have new tools, powerful tools, to harness the governance of nature. To grow healthy soil, to grow healthy plants, to grow healthy people. What are we going to choose to do with that new power?

Dorn Cox, Ph.D., Research Director, Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment

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A Community for Farm Innovation

The future of agriculture relies on farms and communities worldwide sharing ideas. Dorn Cox is at the center of a global movement to make insights from Delhi accessible to farmers in Des Moines. In this talk from Red Hat Summit 2019, Dorn explored how his work with Wolf’s Neck Center and FarmHack is bringing farmers together.

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In addition to his role with Wolf’s Neck Center, Dorn is the cofounder of FarmOS, an open source platform for agricultural management and record keeping. By integrating agricultural data from multiple farms into open source communities, FarmOS gives users and contributors a chance to see the bigger agricultural picture and make meaningful contributions.

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