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Collaboration in open source and healthcare

Dana Lewis

Dana Lewis

In order to achieve, you must collaborate.

Dana Lewis, Founder, OpenAPS

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The open source automated insulin delivery movement (known as OpenAPS) has helped revolutionize diabetes technologies and spurred faster development of additional commercial technologies, making a difference for people around the world. In this short, powerful talk, OpenAPS founder Dana Lewis shares three key insights to “upskill” your collaboration—and shares why it’s humans—not methodologies—that make the difference.

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Dana Lewis
Founder, OpenAPS

Dana Lewis is a passionate advocate of patient-centered, -driven, and -designed research. After building her own DIY “artificial pancreas,” Lewis helped found "OpenAPS”, making safe and effective automated insulin delivery technology available for people with diabetes around the world. She is the author of several books for both children and adults about diabetes and automated insulin delivery.

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