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The Physical Future of Open Source

Alicia Gibb

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If we dream of an open source world, that world includes physical products. We need to be thinking more holistically.

Alicia Gibb, Founder and Executive Director, Open Source Hardware Association

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The Physical Future of Open Source

Open source started with software, but hardware has a role in its present and future. In this talk from Red Hat Summit 2017, Alicia Gibb, founder and executive director of the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA), traces the rise of open hardware and offers her outlook on what’s ahead. From tractors to tracksuits to IoT devices for healthcare, the future is bright.

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The Open Source Hardware Association encourages research that is accessible, collaborative, and respects user freedom. OSHWA's primary activities include hosting the annual Open Hardware Summit and maintaining the Open Source Hardware Certification.

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Red Hat Summit 2017

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