Type 1 diabetes is a constant strain for people experiencing it. But parents, patients, and makers are using open source to ease the burden on their minds, bodies, and budgets.

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The Nightscout Foundation

The Nightscout Foundation

Kate Farnsworth is one of thousands of parents who found more freedom for their kids by using Nightscout’s cloud-based technologies to remotely monitor their blood sugar levels. Now a foundation director, Kate works to support creation of open source technologies that can help families like hers.

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Open Insulin Foundation

Open Insulin Foundation

Anthony Di Franco founded the Open Insulin Foundation to transform the way insulin is produced and distributed. Anthony and his colleagues are developing both an open source insulin product and a blueprint that small, locally owned labs could use to replicate and market it.

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As a teenager diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Dana Lewis self-injected insulin because she didn’t want others to see her bulky insulin pump. As an adult, Dana is one of the creators of OpenAPS, an open source artificial pancreas system that automates insulin delivery for thousands of users.

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Howard Look despaired over the tools available to manage his 11-year-old daughter’s type 1 diabetes. Then he formed Tidepool to develop new ones. Now, the nonprofit organization is working to deliver an open source, FDA-regulated mobile app to manage glucose monitoring and insulin delivery.

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