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Open Source Stories, an original series from Red Hat, celebrates the creators who bring the power of open source to everything people do.

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How to Start a Robot Revolution

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The future of robotics is being coded in the open. Meet the people behind the revolution.

Farming for the Future

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What are the farmers of tomorrow doing with open tools and principles today?

Penn Manor

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An IT director, teachers, administrators, and students help bring an open educational model and a 1:1 laptop program to Penn Manor High School.

The open source roots of robotics

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Go inside the open source robotics revolution with one of the innovators who launched it.

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Starting Small: Open Data in Chile

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Makers, scholars, and artisans are using data to protect habitats and preserve heritage. This is their story.

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Open Herdware

Like Rockets

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How a teacher and an afterschool club built a creative community through open leadership and transformed a school and a city in the process.

Open source and the future of hardware

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Neil Gershenfeld, Ph.D., helps consumers become creators with open source hardware and software.

CO.LAB: The future is collaborative

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CO.LAB teaches students how to solve problems, share ideas, and create collaboratively.

Food computer program

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Melanie Shimano’s west Baltimore students are sharing what they grow and what they learn.

Franklin Middle School Futuregirls

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What happens when open source principles and leadership meets dedicated middle schoolers?

A community for farm innovation

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Learn how Dorn Cox, Ph.D., is using open source to connect farms and communities.

Road to A.I.

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Self-driving cars are here, and it's starting to get weird. This is a story about data, decisions, and the future of an entire industry.


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A global community of volunteers design, fabricate, and distribute open source 3-D-printed prosthetics for free.

The science of collective discovery

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How is open hardware helping people make groundbreaking scientific discoveries?

The open patient

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Two brain cancer patients open their healthcare journeys for all to see.

Art of exchange

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How is Tate Exchange at Tate Modern using open source principles to transform itself into a 21st-century museum?


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What happens when you close city streets for a weekend and turn over control to creative people?

Because we had to

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A mammoth laser cutter. An Arduino development kit. A hackerspace. Three women making art with open hardware.

A.I. Revolutionaries

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Intelligent machines are taking over. But not how you might think. Meet the people behind the AI revolution.

Lessons learned from teaching young coders

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Femi Owolade-Coombes discusses how the power of open source and community can unlock potential for young coders.


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Sara Chipps discusses innovative ways to get young girls excited about coding.

The key to coding progress

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Saron Yitbarek makes the case that it's not just code that moves the tech industry forward it's also emotion.

Open source hardware and innovation

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Nathan Seidle discusses how open source is good for both humanity and business.

The physical future of open source

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Alicia Gibb talks about bringing open source to a new layer of products through open source hardware.

InMoov robots for good

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Richard Hulskes discusses his favorite project and how the open source mindset is radically changing hardware development.

Girl Develop It

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Corinne Warnshuis talks about creating open source opportunities for women.