Opening the Loop: Autonomy, Access, and Insulin

When diabetics and caregivers needed a better way to manage the illness, they created one―with open source. This is their story.

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Healthcare Made Human

Five years after appearing in an Open Source Stories film, the team from OpenNotes returns to discuss the state of openness in healthcare.

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Cracking the Textbook image

At community colleges and universities alike, costly textbooks burden students. Meet the people creating an open alternative.

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Collaboration in Open Source and Healthcare

Dana Lewis
Founder, OpenAPS

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Collaboration in Open Source and Healthcare

Dana Lewis
Founder, OpenAPS

OpenAPS founder Dana Lewis shares three key insights to “upskill” your collaboration—and shares why it’s humans—not methodologies—that make the difference.

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Sparking creativity with STEM kits

Co.Lab, presented by Open Source Stories, is an education experience that encourages students to collaborate and share ideas using open source principles. Through both workshops and do-it-yourself STEM kits—all of which were inspired by an Open Source Stories film, article, or talk—students work together as they build everything from circuit boards to interactive robots from scratch.

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How to start a Robot Revolution

The story of how a group of roboticists turned one piece of open source software into a global phenomenon.

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Farming for the future

What are the farmers of tomorrow doing with open tools and principles today?

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Collective discovery

How are citizen scientists using open hardware to make groundbreaking discoveries?

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