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Modernize your SAP landscape

Together, Red Hat and Intel help you optimize your SAP environments and operations while preparing for the future with an innovative, cloud-ready foundation.

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What we’re doing together

Red Hat, Intel, and SAP are innovating for the future of data through the power of open source, in-memory computing, and persistent memory technologies. Based on long-standing collaborative engineering relationships with each other and SAP, Red Hat and Intel provide a modern foundation for both your IT infrastructure and your SAP landscape. With these solutions, we help make migration a lot less painful and a lot more promising for SAP customers.

Business agility

Streamline operations to support fast, agile development.

Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)

Gain insight faster by connecting data across your organization.

Business continuity

Increase IT stability, boost security, and streamline updates and patching.


Improve IT and resource efficiency to free staff and budget for innovation.

Extend your SAP environment to the cloud

Both Red Hat and Intel focus on hybrid and multicloud infrastructure as the foundation for the future. A Red Hat and Intel foundation lets you extend SAP applications with consistency across public, private, hybrid, and multicloud infrastructure, giving you more choice. Open technologies are a key part of hybrid strategies; Red Hat and Intel collaborate in upstream open source projects to deliver enterprise-focused features and technologies.

Accelerate SAP Data Intelligence

Get more value from your data with the AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities in SAP Data Intelligence. Red Hat and Intel offer a high-performance hybrid cloud foundation for SAP Data Intelligence to help you maximize the value of your data. Red Hat, Intel, and SAP build complete, certified AI and analytics solutions that deliver innovation, performance, and efficiency.

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Modernize your SAP environment for key IT and business benefits

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Become a digital leader with Red Hat, Intel, and SAP.

Modernize your SAP landscape with Red Hat and Intel.

Accelerate SAP Data Intelligence.

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