Automate Microsoft Azure environments with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform with Microsoft Azure

Moving to a cloud environment brings numerous advantages for organizations. One advantage is reducing the IT and infrastructure expenses needed to run and maintain hardware and software. Moving to a cloud environment also introduces opportunities to streamline business processes that can potentially save costs and time across the organization. But these moves also present new challenges for organizations as they manage the transition from on-premise systems to cloud, multicloud, and hybrid cloud environments. 

To manage the challenges–and benefits–that cloud computing can deliver for organizations, teams need new automation tools. One solution is to take advantage of an enterprise automation platform.

Improving cloud services with automation

Public cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure offer multiple benefits that can be amplified with automation, including in business and IT processes. Automation can transform existing manual processes into repeatable, scalable, and reliable tasks across public and private cloud environments by connecting disparate systems with a unified language. 

Automation also helps organizations perform these challenging tasks at scale while reducing risks from human error. Whether managing compliance checks or monitoring network status and security perimeters, automation in cloud services ensures that processes and policies are enforced 24x7.

97%of organizations see major barriers to their ability to effectively employ automation across their enterprise. [1]

Introducing Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure

Designed to help IT organizations automate and scale in a cloud environment quickly, Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure provides the flexibility to deliver any application, anywhere–without additional overhead or complexity. 

Organizations that already use Microsoft Azure can now take advantage of those same powerful features with Ansible Automation Platform on Azure with a seamless deployment from Azure Marketplace. 

Ansible Automation Platform on Azure helps you: 

  • Implement automation quickly:  Deploy directly from Azure Marketplace. The managed application is active immediately after deployment, and enterprises can start automating the management of their Azure resources in minutes.
  • Automate Azure out of the box: Ansible Automation Platform on Azure is already integrated with Azure services, including Azure Active Directory, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure database services, Azure Container Registry, and Azure Key Vault.
  • Take advantage of Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC): Enterprises can use existing committed spend with Microsoft to purchase Ansible Automation Platform on Azure. Using committed spend lets teams across an entire organization deploy, configure, and automate. Benefit from integrated billing, which provides a single bill, with full visibility of costs.
  • Automate beyond cloud environments: Deploy in your Microsoft Azure cloud environment—and then extend to on-premise, to the edge of the network, and to your IT ecosystem.
  • Get support when you need it:  Developed to ensure consistent, security-focused operations, Red Hat manages, services, and supports the application so your IT team can focus on delivering automation strategies.

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Ansible Automation Platform for Azure delivers instant-on automation. Try the managed application with a self-paced lab.

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