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Red Hat Training

Ways to save

Red Hat® training and certification offers multiple ways to help you maximize your training budget. So, whether you want to purchase multiple courses or exams, want to train additional members of your team, or need to buy credits ahead of time, we have ways to save that fit your needs.


Red Hat Training Referral Program

Get the skills you need to succeed using Red Hat® technologies—at a discount.

Participation is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase and complete any Red Hat Training or exam offering to receive a 15% discount code.

  • The discount code can be used 3 times by yourself or shared with a friend or co-worker.

  • Don’t delay; the discount code will expire 3 months after the date it is generated.

Register for a course or exam today.

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View the full terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

In order to qualify, the Red Hat training course or exam has to be purchased directly from Red Hat via the Red Hat website or phone. After attending any Red Hat Training or exam, the student will receive an email sent by the Red Hat Learning Management System. Course and exam delivery modality options for the Training Referral Program: open enrollment, individual exams, virtual training, Red Hat Online Learning, and video classroom The email will provide the Red Hat student with a dynamic discount code that can be used three (3) times. The code applies a 15% discount to any additional Red Hat course or exam purchased via the Red Hat Learning Management System over the phone or online at redhat.com. The Red Hat student may use the code or share it with anyone. The code will be unique and can be used up to three (3) times within three (3) months of the date the code is generated. The discount code will expire three (3) months after the date it is generated. The 15% discount is based upon the full local list price of each course or exam. Full payment is due at time of purchase registration. The 15% discount cannot be combined with any other discount,promotion, or other special offer. All Red Hat Training and Certification standard policies apply. View the policies at https://www.redhat.com/en/about/red-hat-training-policies. Any customer initiated changes that occur following original registration may be subject to a fee. Failure to attend will forfeit the promotional rate. Promotion applies to direct Red Hat phone and web orders only. Red Hat reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time.

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Lock in savings with prepaid training credits

Red Hat training units (TUs) offer organizations a simple way to purchase training and certification exams for their teams while locking in savings up front. Training units are prepaid credits that can be redeemed for Red Hat JBoss® Middleware or Red Hat Enterprise Linux training offerings. These prepaid credits provide the flexibility to purchase training in advance and allow redemption throughout the year.

Training management simplified

Red Hat training units simplify administration of your teams' Linux training and make it easy for you to choose the training that's right for your business today. Training units are valid for 1 year from purchase and may be redeemed individually. Upon purchase, training units are non-refundable.

Flexibility and manageability

  • Easy to purchase and administer
  • Can be used for training for up to 12 months
  • Eliminates the need to purchase training ad hoc


  • May be redeemed for any training course, exam, or training method
  • Fast turnaround for on-site scheduling


  • Lock in volume discounts up front, and use them for a full year
  • A great way to use unallocated budget effectively
Note: This table applies only to the UK and central and northern Europe. Prices are different for other countries. For more information on prices or regions not listed in the table, please contact us.
Number of
DiscountPrice (£) UKPrice (€) Tier 1Price (€) Tier 2Price (€) Tier 3Price ($) METAPrice ($) META2Price SAR
1 - 700%£ 190€ 240€ 180€ 165$ 190$ 110 713
71 - 16010%£ 171€ 216€ 162€ 149$ 171$ 99 641
161 - 28015%£ 162€ 204 € 153€ 140$ 162$ 94 606
281 - 41020%£ 152€ 192€ 144€ 132$ 152$ 88 570
411 - 55022%£ 148€ 187€ 140€ 129$ 148$ 86 556
551+25%£ 143 € 180 € 135 € 124$ 143$ 83 534

View the full terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

This promotion is available for all Red Hat customers, Training Resellers and Distributors are residents of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Employees of Red Hat, Inc. and each of its respective affiliated companies, subsidiaries, advertising or promotional agencies and other agents, and the immediate family members of, and any persons domiciled with, such employees are not eligible to enter.

To be eligible to receive a 20% discount off of any last minute deals, participant must register through the 'Last minute deals' offer page. For the participant to receive the promotional discount, promotional code LMDEALS must be entered in the offer code section of the enrollment form at the time of registration. Seat availability is limited.

All courses subject to cancellation, with exceptions of courses labeled Guaranteed to Run (GTR). All other purchases do not qualify. Offer void if participant cancels, no-shows, reschedules, or requests a credit or refund. Cannot be used for classes in which one is currently enrolled, nor for concurrent class cancellation and re-booking. May not be combined with any other discount programs, bundles, or coupons. Course cannot be paid with training units. Participant is responsible for assessing his or her suitability for enrolling in the appropriate course. Open only to residents of eligible countries who are at least 18 years of age. Void where prohibited by law. As applicable, if your employer is paying or reimbursing part or all of your course registration you acknowledge that your employer is aware of and consents to your receipt of the promotional discount, and that your participation does not violate your organization's policies and regulations.

North America - Multistudent discount

The value of training together

With Red Hat's multistudent training discounts, you can maximize savings of your team's overall training cost. Just enroll a group of up to 5 students from the same company to receive a discount on each enrollment.

Discount schedule

StudentsDiscountOffer code
2-3, 4-510%, 14%MSD


Qualifying for multistudent discounts:

  • The organization associated with each student's Red Hat account must be the same.
  • Program is available only to residents of the U.S. and Canada.
  • The same company must appear in each student's registration form.
  • The offer code must be populated at the time of enrollment.
  • Only courses listed in the terms and conditions are eligible for the discount. Exams do not qualify.
  • Read the complete terms and conditions.

For assistance on selecting, scheduling, and enrolling multiple students into the same class, please call a Red Hat Training specialist at  1-866-626-2994.

View the full terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

To be eligible to receive the above-listed promotional discount on a Red Hat training class ("Promotional Discount"), all participating students must enroll in the same training class held in the same location on the same date and attend the training class before March 1, 2021 ("Promotional Period"). Participant must provide valid payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or check) at the time of enrollment. In order to be eligible for the group discount, all students in the group must complete registration between 12:00 am Eastern Time (ET) and 11:59 pm ET on the same business day and each form must list the same employer. No more than 5 students from one company are eligible to use this discount in the same class. Each student must enter the Offer Code in the "Offer Code" section of the enrollment form at the time of registration in order to receive the Promotional Discount. Seat availability is limited. Certain courses do not qualify—see details below.

Qualifying courses:

RH124, RH134, RH135, RH199, RH200, RH254, RH255, RH299, RH300, RH318, RH319, RH342, RH401, RH413, RH436, RH442, JB225, AD248, AD249, JB325, AD348, AD427, JB450, JB453, JB461, JB463, AD465, CL206, CL210, CL211, CL216, CL218, CL220, CL315, CL332

All other purchases do not qualify.

Offer good only for the regularly scheduled eligible courses and is subject to class and seat availability. All courses are subject to cancellation. No transfers, assignments, or substitutions. If a participating student reschedules or obtains a credit or refund, the Promotional Discount is available only at the level of discount for which the remaining students otherwise qualify. Promotional Discount cannot be used for classes in which any participant is currently enrolled, nor for class cancellation and rescheduling. If the eligible courses are canceled by Red Hat, Inc., enrolled Participants will receive the Promotional Discount on the subsequent rescheduled course only if all criteria are met. May not be combined with other discount programs, bundles, or coupons. Course cannot be paid with training units. May not be used for online learning, online labs, or exams. A participant is responsible for assessing his or her suitability for enrolling in the appropriate course. Open only to residents of the U.S. and Canada of at least 18 years of age. Void where prohibited by law.

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