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Operations management for today's IT

You can’t deploy and manage innovative applications and infrastructure with the same old tools and practices. Our open management portfolio sees ops as a process, not a department. Adopting this operational mindset—and choosing the right tools—creates a solid foundation for DevOps, cloud, or container initiatives across your organization.

Take charge of change

Change is constant. Whether you’re adding application architectures, building infrastructure, or expanding operations with private or public cloud resources—your IT infrastructure is always evolving.

In this ops-oriented environment you need to manage operations differently. Collaboration is required. Your platform is hybrid, but still needs unified control. Digital innovation must lead directly to business value. And security and compliance are, as always, non-negotiable.


Red Hat open management

Our management portfolio makes it easy to get started and helps you deliver results quickly. A modular approach means you can integrate additional systems as you grow.

The easiest way to manage your Red Hat infrastructure for efficient and compliant IT operations.
Establish trusted content repos and processes that help you build a standards-based, secure Red Hat environment.
Provide self-service for your virtual and cloud infrastructures while maintaining security and compliance.
Focus on enabling services versus managing systems so you can deliver services across your cloud environments with ease.
Automate IT processes to reduce complexity. Share playbooks and delegate jobs using Ansible Tower—freeing up resources and ensuring consistency and compliance.
Describe your infrastructure and processes in code, so you can automate more to increase productivity.
Use predictive analytics to check systems and fix complex security and performance issues.
Measure, analyze, and act continuously so you can solve critical issues before they occur.

Success stories

Customers control, manage, and know more—so they can do more

Red Hat Satellite has given UAE Exchange’s in-house team full control over its new environment. This simplifies provisioning and configuration while automating routine tasks such as patch management.

Red Hat CloudForms is a Swiss Army knife. You can do many different things in the IT environment with it - including insights and intelligence on our infrastructure. We analyzed the numbers to see what resources we deployed and how much time it took, and we realized that with the Red Hat solution, we saved almost 10 years of time spent waiting for resources to be delivered and almost $5 million in soft savings since 2014.

Ansible has definitely helped Splunk basically automate all of the tasks that a human would have to do before. And for things that we don’t know how to do, we can have one person figure out how to do it, create the Playbook—and now everyone knows how to do it.

Trusted in the industry

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

From the trading floor to air-traffic control, industries around the world rely on Red Hat


Red Hat receives "positive" rating in Gartner's 2016 Vendor Rating Report

Value of a subscription

Red Hat customers get the latest software, trust that it's secure, and gain access to a community of experts making software the open source way.

Open source communities

Management made the open source way

Ansible community

Ansible is open source automation, powered by people. No matter where you are, you’re probably near an Ansible meetup. With more than 170 discussion groups—plus IRC, mailing lists, and GitHub communities for online collaboration—there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

ManageIQ community

Get involved with the community that is building a self-contained appliance that controls virtual machines and cloud environments. Ask questions or contribute through forums, the knowledgebase, or at an event like ManageIQ Design Summit. ManageIQ is the upstream community for Red Hat CloudForms.

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Security and innovation go together

Innovation is important, but without security, new ideas don’t matter. Let’s find the best ways to actively protect our data and our business.

The what, why, and how of DevOps

DevOps gives IT the ability to go faster, better. That means more collaboration, more innovation, and more business success.

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