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Use case: Red Hat Gluster Storage for big data and analytics


Store, integrate, and analyze data at petabyte scale

Big data is both a gift and a curse.

All the data you collect holds the key to valuable business insights that can lead to competitive advantage. But the growth of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are straining traditional storage systems. Most businesses struggle to access and analyze such massive amounts of data.

According to Gartner, "through 2015, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will be unable to exploit big data for competitive advantage." How can you be one of the other 15%?

  • Create an agile, cost-effective environment to use new data analytics functionality.
  • Easily find and access all your data from a single enterprise repository.
  • Preserve traditional data warehousing investments.
  • Take advantage of the rapid innovation inherent in open source communities.
  • Employ open, software-defined storage to rapidly scale for your data storage needs.”

Machine Data Analytics

Analyze massive amounts of machine data

Operational analytics let you analyze and mine streams of machine-generated data to discover business insights. Together, Red Hat Gluster ® Storage and Splunk offer a fast, easy, and secure way to analyze massive streams of machine data generated by critical systems.

Splunk delivers operational intelligence to IT and business users to allow real-time decision-making in a variety of use cases. Red Hat Gluster Storage lets you store large amounts of historical data at lower costs to enable data-driven business decisions that improve profitability and cut waste.

See how Red Hat Storage makes machine data analytics easy

Security Analytics

Predict and respond to security threats more easily

Over the past decade, the frequency and threat of cyberattacks have risen in unison with the volume of enterprise and institutional data. Security analytics is an effective way to predict and respond to varied security threats.

Red Hat and Cisco have built a software-defined storage solution for Splunk Enterprise deployments to make security threat patterns easier to detect at a much lower cost than proprietary storage solutions.

Big data analytics

Open the possibilities of your data

The growth of unstructured data is challenging almost every enterprise. Being able to cost-effectively store large volumes of logs, machine data, documents, and other unstructured or semi-structured data is a key goal for many CIOs.

Red Hat Gluster Storage is a scalable, flexible storage platform that integrates easily into your big data environment and grows with your enterprise as your needs evolve. It also allows you to reuse your existing industry-standard hardware, which adds to the cost efficiencies you could gain by deploying big data analytics workloads with Red Hat Gluster Storage. Red Hat Gluster Storage offers:

  • Enterprise-grade, POSIX-compatible big data analytics storage.
  • Seamless transition across on-premise, private, and public clouds.
  • An agile, loosely coupled infrastructure for greater business agility.
  • A secure, cost-effective, and interoperable platform.
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We simply had no cost-effective way to store the massive amounts of the data that all of our network devices provide us. By utilizing Red Hat Storage, we were able to quickly and easily solve that problem.

David Yaffe, Technical Analyst, Network and Enterprise Information Systems, SaskTel

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