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Enter the Matrix: Create your own containerized Matrix animation

How to create the Matrix animation using rootless podman.
Matrix data fall

Does anyone remember the 1999 science fiction action movie, The Matrix?
Well, what about retrieving the mystery and imagination? Interested?

Let's create a container simulating Neo's machine. I'm using Fedora, so if you're not, adjust your actions accordingly.

First, you have to download a package from the Fedora repository and extract the RPM file:

$ wget

$ rpm2cpio cmatrix-1.2a-4.fc30.x86_64.rpm | cpio -id

Then you pull the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Universal Base Image and create the new Matrix container:

$ podman pull

$ podman run --name matrix -it /usr/bin/bash

# exit

Now copy the binary into the exited container, and then start and attach the container:

$ podman cp usr/bin/cmatrix matrix:/usr/bin/matrix

$ podman start matrix
$ podman attach matrix

Start the animation : # matrix
Show usage options : # matrix -h

Stop the animation : # q
Leave the container : # exit

Cool, isn't it? The same feature (running rootless podman) will be possible on RHEL soon.

The content of this article was originally posted on The Red Hat Universe.

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