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What's the next Linux workload that you plan to containerize?

You're convinced that containers are a good thing, but what's the next workload to push to a container?
What's the next Linux workload that you plan to containerize?
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What's the next Linux workload that you plan to containerize?


I'm sure many of my fellow sysadmins have been tasked with cutting costs, making infrastructure more usable, making services more accessible, enhancing security, and enabling developers to be more autonomous when working with their test, development, and staging environments. You might have started your virtualization efforts by moving some web sites to containers. You might also have moved an application or two as well. This poll focuses on the next workload that you plan to containerize. What's next on your workload list to move from an underutilized piece of hardware to a more leveraged, multi-hosted environment, such as a container host system?

For those of you who've embraced workload containerization, you already know its value for leveraging hardware resources and for application isolation. You also know how easy containers are to use. Reboots are quick. And if something goes wrong, creating a new container is trivial. If you're not convinced about how great containers are, you should be convinced that I am. I've used many different types and brands of virtualization and I think containers are still my favorite.

 Containers have been around for a long time and sysadmins are still excited about them. Select from the workload list below to tell us which one of your current workloads is next to be pushed to a container.

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