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5 IT architectural design tools to make your work more effective

Having the right tool at the right time speeds the architectural design process and improves the systems you're designing.
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Tools are an essential part of modern enterprise architecture design. Using the right tool at the right time speeds up the design process and increases the accuracy of systems under development. The trick is to find the right tool for the job.

That right tool might be a robust diagramming application, or it might be a set of utilities that automatically generates code according to a particular software specification, such as AsyncAPI. And still, for others, that tool might be a formal methodology by which to approach architecting a system, which is the aim of the principles of the 12 Factor App.

The enterprise architecture landscape is broad. So are the design tools used within that landscape. Publishing articles about architectural design tools was one of Enable Architect's objectives in 2021. We're delighted to report that the objective has been met well beyond our expectations.

Below is a list of the top 5 articles in 2021 about enterprise IT architecture design tools. They cover a wide variety of options. Take a look at them. Not only is each one a quick read, but they're also intended to be visually informative. The various design tools described in the top 5 list will make your work as an enterprise architect easier and more effective.

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Top 5 enterprise architecture and design tool articles of 2021

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The 12 Factor App methodology is an influential pattern to designing scalable application architecture. Here is what that means for application architects and their architecture.
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