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Responding to COVID-19 requires collaboration, transparency, and the free exchange of expertise.

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Open source exists for times like these

Helping communities and customers work together to solve shared problems is fundamental to our business. These current challenges are unfamiliar and new to all of us. We don’t have all the answers either, but we know how to find them, together.

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Here for our customers

No one can prepare for everything, but we work hard to remain ready for anything. We designed our systems and support to keep customers and partners supported, with security and stability during uncertain times. And now, we're ramping up our analytics services for teams that might be short-staffed and extending our product life cycles to ease migration pressures.

Here to help you lead

During this period of global insecurity, people need to work together to adapt. At Red Hat, we want to help others facing this crisis by doing what we've always done—collaborating in the open.

Red Hat Remote Leadership video conference

Remote Leadership

Remote but not removed

A candid discussion with Red Hat leaders about:

  • Making meaningful connections without seeing your team in person.
  • Changing how you moderate group meetings.
  • Making interactions authentic.
  • Finding time to provide context to your team.
  • Leading teams through change, fears, and uncertainty—virtually.
Red Hat Business Continuity leadership conference

Business continuity

People, process, and technology for now and always

A candid discussion with Red Hat leaders and BlueJeans Network CEO about:

  • Architecting IT to withstand failover, disruptions, and rapid scaling.
  • Using technology to support customers and partners.
  • Facilitating virtual communication while withstanding scale and data security pressures.
  • Communicating and collaborating with IT vendors for support.

Training & Certification Updates

Here to help you learn

Knowledge, expertise, and enterprise tech skills are what everyone needs now, and we have a lot to share. We’re expanding our virtual training class offerings, extending exam windows, offering discounts on digital learning, and more.

Additional resources

Here to help you help others

Leadership today

Open source and COVID-19

Remote working

Collaboration in action

Here to help you smile

Take a break from crisis coverage to read, watch, or listen to an interesting―and hopefully uplifting―story.

Open Source Stories

Stories that celebrate how community, meritocracy, and a free exchange of ideas can unlock potential across a range of disciplines.


Command Line Heroes

An original podcast about the people who transform technology from the command line up.


Woman analyzing MRI imaging results of a brain

Creating ChRIS

A story about vision, determination, and how an open source platform has the potential to transform medicine as we know it.

Computer screen with a map

Proof of Concept

An ambitious project to map schools on a global scale. Watch what happens when UNICEF Innovation engages with Red Hat.

Here to help your business

Red Hat has helped organizations navigate technological change for decades. With flexible, open technologies, you can be ready for inevitable change.

hybrid cloud infrastructure illustration

Hybrid cloud

Build the foundation to run your workloads wherever you want.

Learn how

cloud native development illustration


Adopt tools and techniques to create better applications.

Learn how

Automation and management illustration

Automation &

Automate routine work and free your teams to focus on customers.

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