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In the last year, organizations across the globe have operated under dynamically changing business requirements. 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, noted that respondents in its recent Voice of the Enterprise: DevOps, Organizational Dynamics survey indicated “flexibility to quickly respond to changes” (52%) as the top DevOps benefit. While only 36% of respondents described the level of IT automation in their organization as “mostly or all automated processes,” respondents expect it to grow to 47% in 12 months.

This projected growth is no surprise: automation is a strategic initiative that can help mitigate the complexities of operating in a modern world with modern approaches. Bringing together teams for improved collaboration, automation projects provide faster responses to global challenges that require rapid adjustments in operational domains and environments. Organizations across various industries, from healthcare to retail and more, are operating in incredibly competitive, evolving and growing landscapes. 

Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technologies provide the foundation and capabilities that these companies need for faster delivery of new and innovative applications and services. Check out how customers from around the world, from Asia-Pacific, to Europe, to North America, tapped Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to meet their own demands.

Education Payroll Limited delivers timely, accurate payroll services to schools

A 2021 Red Hat Innovation Awards winner, Education Payroll Limited manages payroll services for New Zealand’s 2,500 schools. To replace complex, time-consuming manual processing for 14,000 bi-weekly submissions, the organization set out to create a digital payroll application called EdPay. 

To build the platform, Education Payroll engaged Deloitte New Zealand, a Red Hat Global Systems Integrator (GSI) partner, and Red Hat to help deliver this new vision. The solution included a reliable, scalable foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux running Red Hat OpenShift and Ansible Automation Platform. The application now supports near-real-time status information and can be updated without downtime when enhancing features and capabilities. 

Since the switch to EdPay, Education Payroll has increased user satisfaction through reduced complexity and faster transactions. In addition, the organization saved weeks of work with a streamlined application life cycle. As a result, it can now build, test and deliver services faster. Learn more about Education Payroll Limited’s digital payroll system.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club establishes a reputation for innovative work

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) organizes and hosts premier horse racing events, operates the territory’s licensed gambling and lottery and raises profits for local charities. To meet the evolving needs, HKJC is moving to the next generation of its digital transformation of wagering experience by incorporating new innovations and state-of-the-art technologies into products and services to meet customer needs. 

To stay competitive, the organization sought to deliver innovative digital services to customers faster. HKJC chose Ansible Automation Platform, working closely with Red Hat Consulting for implementation guidance, identifying 280 new workflows that could be more standardized and better documented using automation. 

HKJC used automation to speed development processes, with the provisioning of virtual environments now taking less than three days, which previously took at least two weeks. HKJC created Ansible playbooks to adopt and scale automation based on business priorities and technical capabilities. The organization plans to extend the service improvements from automation to new or expanding business lines. Working with Red Hat established a reputation for innovative work, helping attract and retain technology talent. Learn more about how The Hong Kong Jockey Club delivers innovative digital services to customers faster.

Sapphire Health executes repeatable and dependable server builds

Sapphire Health solves the challenges of migration, implementation and managed services within the Epic environment for the healthcare industry. While working on a project to modernize systems for healthcare nonprofits, the IT team found itself rebuilding servers sometimes 10 or 15 times for each optimization. 

Sapphire adopted Ansible Automation Platform to provide rapid, efficient and more secure IT automation capabilities. Using Ansible Playbooks, the organization can use templates for repeatable and reusable multi-machine deployment systems. Once servers are built, Sapphire registers them in Red Hat Satellite and then installs the Red Hat Insights client on the servers. These two products enable better management and proactivity for addressing issues in the environment. 

Sapphire now reports building servers 90% faster while also eliminating human error and providing full documentation without manual intervention. Learn more about how Sapphire Health successfully accelerated server builds.

Schwarz Group improves delivery time for innovative digital services

Schwarz Group, the world’s fourth largest retailer based on revenue, needed an automation framework that can support its expansion and accommodate new services to continuously improve the customer experience. The local teams also needed a way to streamline their efforts to save time and resources, with a framework to adapt to any local demands. Schwarz Group adopted Ansible Automation Platform to centrally control and manage 12,500 stores globally under the Lidl and Kaufland brands. 

Ansible Automation Platform supports an automation framework that enables Schwarz Group to deliver digital services globally, while simultaneously supporting local markets through decentralized management. It provides the organization with a more consistent operational foundation that enables the launch and distribution of digital services to every store designed to keep Lidl and Kaufland stores competitive. Schwarz Group can also launch new stores more quickly; back-end servers and systems can run and sync with centralized operations in less than 30 minutes. 

Enterprise support was a key reason they chose Ansible Automation Platform. Schwarz IT’s teams worked with Red Hat’s technical experts to review the architecture and establish best practices, which simplified and sped up automation adoption. Learn more about how Schwarz Group eliminated time-consuming manual processes to focus on innovation.

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