Red Hat and Nutanix have recently announced a strategic partnership to deliver open hybrid multicloud solutions. For OpenShift this means that it ​​becomes the preferred enterprise full-stack Kubernetes solution on Nutanix Cloud Platform with AHV.

Red Hat OpenShift can be installed and supported on any infrastructure that is certified to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux and that now includes Nutanix AHV. Today OpenShift can be installed to the Nutanix AOS platform using the OpenShift platform agnostic installer. Over the next year, Red Hat and Nutanix engineering teams will be working together to deliver a fully automated, integrated installer for Nutanix AOS that leverages OpenShift 4's infrastructure level automation capabilities to further simplify the installation process.

Nutanix AOS

In addition to the OpenShift documentation, Nutanix has created an OpenShift 4 installation guide providing specific instructions to prepare their platform while using the OpenShift agnostic installer deployment method. Nutanix will also include instructions soon on how to deploy OpenShift on their platform using the Assisted Installer Service.

Customers can buy and manage their OpenShift subscriptions directly from Red Hat. For questions or support related to OpenShift Container Platform software, please reach out to Red Hat Support. For issues related to the deployment or installation of Red Hat OpenShift on Nutanix AOS and for all infrastructure questions, please reach out to Nutanix Support.