The evolution of technology is accelerating like never before. Individuals must remain ahead of the learning curve to ensure they have the skills and tools needed to achieve success throughout their company’s digital transformation journey. Through strategic partnerships with our customers, Red Hat has built best practices around people, process and tools to match the needs of our customers’ current and future growth.

Red Hat Training has consistently evolved our curriculum in tandem with the changing needs of our customers. Our learning portfolio has traditionally focused on product enablement, with a goal to teach customers how to operate our software. 

Recently, we launched a new category of courses aimed at  transformational learning. This new curriculum sources real-world insights from our field sales and services engagements, with the intention of demonstrating how adoption of open culture, site reliability engineering and devops breeds innovation. 

Whether you are responsible for infrastructure and systems or applications, or you want to cross train to become a site reliability engineer (SRE), Red Hat offers courses and exams that will help you achieve your goals.

Get started at no cost

Learners can kick off their transformational learning curriculum with a free technical overview (TL012) on SRE. This overview, created by John Willis, co-author of The DevOps Handbook, sets the stage for organizational change and introduces how SRE practices can shape the future of your organization. In this technical overview, John explains how site reliability engineering has the power to improve efficiency, resiliency and security.

Red Hat has learned that SRE is not a one-size-fits-all implementation.  Every organization has different tools, processes and deliverables, so we created Introduction to Pragmatic Site Reliability Engineering (TL112) to establish a common language and shared understanding of this DevOps implementation. 

Continuing your transformation journey

Tooling is an important part of DevOps implementation, and we have training modules for Git, Jenkins and Kubernetes available. Transformation is not completed until an organization has also shifted their people and process. To address these aspects, our curriculum includes two additional courses that focus on open culture and practices.

Open Practices for your DevOps Journey (TL250*) focuses on process best practices that enable the Mobius loop of discovery, delivery and option pivots. This conceptual foundation provides a practical toolkit to facilitate better meetings and projects with a team to make incremental changes and plant the seed for future DevOps transformation. 

DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement (TL500*) takes concepts and practices learned in TL250 and demonstrates how to apply them to a real-world example. This immersive experience was developed jointly with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, blending continuous discovery and continuous delivery together with cultural and technical practices into a unique, highly engaging experience, packed with real-world applications.

* These courses were previously DO250 and DO500, and are now a part of our new Transformational Learning curriculum that will continue to evolve to provide additional culture and practice-based training. 

Beyond the classroom 

Arguably the greatest value-add of the transformational learning curriculum experience is breaking down traditional silos and uniting the team under a shared vision and understanding, from the C-suite to the individual contributor. Technology is as exceptional as the minds behind it, and Red Hat Training can ensure that your team takes full advantage of the talent you’ve retained. 

With the majority of Red Hat’s training portfolio focusing on specific software and systems, the transformational learning curriculum differentiates itself by placing a unique emphasis on the human approaches and cultural shift required of teams to operate at their highest potential. This key piece of the puzzle ensures that digital transformation occurs from the inside out by transforming people, process and technology.

If your organization is looking for a more in-depth and tailored approach to building and scaling your own unique infrastructure, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs takes it a step beyond the classroom. This one-of-a-kind residency pairs your team with Red Hat experts who will help guide you through the successful adoption of Red Hat technology and open source practices.

Start your learning journey today by exploring the transformational learning skills path or by contacting our training team to learn more.

About the author

Chris Tusa started his career in the webhosting and managed services industry, helping to establish new offerings at Rackspace and Flexential, with products such as Virtual Private Cloud and Compliance. In 2010, Tusa joined Red Hat as a cloud-specialist solution architect, partnering with some of Red Hat’s largest customers to design, plan and execute their hybrid cloud strategy. Today, he is a leader in Red Hat's Customer Success organization, responsible for customer and partner hands-on education.

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