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The latest release of Podman Desktop introduces several new capabilities aimed at improving the overall developer experience, including a streamlined onboarding process, new training guides focused on best practices from real-world use cases, and more granular control over your containerized application.

Podman Desktop now features a wizard-based onboarding flow that is designed to simplify the process of standing up a new local development environment. Developers can select the specific tools they need for their projects, such as Podman, Compose and kubectl, and Podman Desktop can automatically configure the different dependencies to help them start coding faster.

Once in the tool, developers can learn and expand their knowledge with a series of training resources available through the user dashboard. The learning center includes easily accessible guides on topics such as containerizing an existing application and exploring new features in Podman Desktop. These guides are designed to help lower the learning curve for developers learning about containerization and Kubernetes, and make the technology more approachable.

The community continues its focus on helping developers move from containers to Kubernetes with the availability of a new Kubernetes Explorer, which expands the number of Kubernetes objects that a developer can work with. The Kubernetes Explorer gives them the ability to work with Deployments, Services, and Ingresses/Routes, and provides more granular control over the application.

For each of those objects, the tool provides real time information about the status of the object. A summary of the objects is proposed, where most of the important information for the developers are available. It’s also possible to troubleshoot and quickly inspect the object, or even edit the resources manifests to apply changes to the cluster.

Along with the already existing features that support developers who are working with containers and targeting to deploy them onto Kubernetes, Podman Desktop continues to bridge the gap and discrepancies to empower the developers with efficient workflows to work with Kubernetes from their local workstation.

We remain focused on providing tools, capabilities and environments that help developers achieve their goals and fulfill their role as innovation leaders in the digital business era, including:

  • Podman and Podman Desktop reduce inner loop development friction by facilitating a smooth transition from containers to Kubernetes, and, when used in conjunction with Red Hat OpenShift, closing the gap between development and production environments.
  • Red Hat Developer Hub improves productivity and reduces cognitive load by providing a self-service portal, standardized software templates, centralized documentation, and a dynamic plug-in architecture.
  • Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift facilitates upskilling by giving developers a no-cost, pre-configured environment to learn containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift, and enabling them to grow, explore new architectures, technologies and methodologies.

Podman Desktop 1.8 is available now. Learn more and get started at

About the author

Stévan Le Meur is a Principal Product Manager at Red Hat, working on developer tools. With a background as a developer, he is driven by the belief that great applications should be built in exceptional development environments. He brings this passion to his work, where his attention to detail is put to good use in creating great developer experiences.

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