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Red Hat is pleased to announce that it is prepared to act as a business associate for several of its Red Hat Cloud Services offerings to enable HIPAA covered entities in building healthcare applications. This is the latest milestone in  Red Hat’s ongoing commitment to address regulated industry needs and offer customers greater choice in the cloud without limiting future capabilities.

Technology continues to grow and expand the frontier of what can be achieved in healthcare. Digital health can help save lives and produce amazing innovation; however, as organizations transition to the cloud, information security and privacy are important considerations. The healthcare industry is particularly concerned with safeguarding protected health information (PHI), as many healthcare organizations are regulated by the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). HIPAA establishes the security and privacy requirements for storing, transmitting, using and disclosing PHI. As a result, cloud providers and software vendors offering services to HIPAA-regulated organizations must comply with various HIPAA-related obligations. 

Red Hat OpenShift is the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, equipping organizations with a powerful Kubernetes-driven foundation for application development with comprehensive automation capabilities for managing hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments. Red Hat Cloud Services are built on Red Hat OpenShift to help reduce operational complexity by allowing organizations in the healthcare industry to focus on what matters – building innovative solutions and applications that can improve patient care and services. 

HIPAA-ready Red Hat Cloud Services include Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation and Red Hat OpenShift Data Science. With these Red Hat Cloud Services, organizations can benefit from:

  • A turnkey application platform with fully integrated tools and consistent interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs) that reduces friction between teams during development, deployment, and operations while accelerating the time to value and time to market.
  • A consistent Red Hat OpenShift experience on-premise and across clouds and the ability to choose the solution that best fits their workloads and requirements.
  • Cloud-native, joint solutions with leading cloud providers to help increase reliability with 24x7 global site reliability engineers (SREs) that proactively manage the cluster life cycle, infrastructure configuration, scaling, maintenance, security patching, and incident response.
  • DevSecOps capabilities that are focused on containers and continual learning with the ability not only to scan code for vulnerabilities but also validate the included artifacts.
  • A set of application and data cloud services that integrate natively with Red Hat OpenShift and each other, empowering development teams to build cloud-native applications with a streamlined and consistent experience.  

To learn more about Red Hat's solutions for healthcare, including Red Hat Cloud Service offerings, visit and join us at HLTH 2022 to meet with Red Hat experts.

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Alan Scott is a Chief Architect, specializing in solutions for our healthcare customers.

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