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The goal of Red Hat Process Automation has always been to empower enterprise business and IT users to collaborate, successfully document, simulate, manage, automate, and monitor business processes and decisions. We are excited to announce the latest release of Red Hat Process Automation, which delivers new developer tooling, extended support for eventing and streaming for event-driven architectures (EDA) through integration with Apache Kafka, and new monitoring capabilities through heatmap dashboards. 

Red Hat Process Automation is an open source business automation platform that combines business process management (BPM), case management, business rules management, and resource planning. It enables IT organizations to better create, manage, validate, and deploy business processes, cases, and business rules. Red Hat Process Automation also uses a centralized repository where all resources are stored. This allows for consistency, transparency, and the ability to audit across the business. The latest release of the platform introduces and expands on a number of key capabilities.

New developer Kogito VSCode Tooling supportability

Kogito VSCode Tooling is now available and supported through Red Hat Process Automation subscriptions. Kogito is an open source, Kubernetes-native business automation tool designed to deliver powerful capabilities for building process- and rules-based applications natively in the cloud on a modern container platform. It enables individual business processes and decisions to be created and deployed as containerized microservices that are managed by Kubernetes alongside other containers in the application environment.

Kogito VSCode Tooling is a good option for greenfield projects with a developer-focused audience. It seeks to improve the developer experience when working with business automation, allowing users to:

  • Create projects from scratch using Apache Maven archetypes, a standard build tool for Java 
  • Create business automation assets (business process model and notation, decision model and notation, scenario simulation)
  • Build with Maven via command line
  • Deploy projects on KIE server

Extended integration with Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka, an open source distributed data streaming platform, can publish, subscribe to, store, and process streams of records in real time. It’s designed to handle data streams from multiple sources and deliver them to multiple consumers. Red Hat AMQ streams, part of Red Hat Integration, operationalizes Apache Kafka for cloud-native environments. With the most recent update to Red Hat Process Automation, it’s now possible to integrate with Apache Kafka events in multiple ways: 

  • Start or resume reactive business processes by acting on events received by the ecosystem 
  • Emit events from processes base on the key business behaviors and notify the ecosystem about certain changes
  • Track the ongoing activity for processes, cases, and tasks through native Kafka event emitters when transactions are committed

Heatmaps component support

Heatmaps are now provided out of box and supported by Red Hat. Heatmaps can be used to show the tasks that have the most “hits” or that are delayed in a process execution over time. In addition, the Dashbuilder (business activity monitoring component) is now also supported in Red Hat OpenShift.

The latest version of Red Hat Process Automation is available now. Customers can get the latest updates from the Red Hat Customer Portal.


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