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Red Hat has long believed that the operating system should do more than simply exist as part of a technology stack; it should be the catalyst for innovation. Underpinning almost every enterprise IT advancement, from cloud services and Kubernetes to containers and serverless, is the operating system; frequently, this operating system is Linux. Red Hat is proud of the leadership position we have long maintained in the enterprise operating system market, providing the Linux foundation to drive enterprise IT innovation forward.

Today, we’re pleased to continue this leadership, with a new report from IDC that includes data showing that Red Hat as the leading choice for paid Linux in the worldwide server operating environment market as well as a powerful player in server operating systems at-large.

According to the report, “Worldwide Server Operating Environments Market Shares, 2018: Overall Market Growth Accelerates:”

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions grew by more than 14% in 2018, representing more than 33% of the total paid enterprise operating system environments. This ties in with Red Hat-sponsored research from IDC that shows how Red Hat Enterprise Linux touches more than $10 trillion of the global business economy.

IDC 2019 Server Market Share Report showing RHEL's leadership position

  • Paid Linux subscriptions made up more than 51% of worldwide commercial server operating system deployments in 2018.
  • All Linux, paid and non-paid, continued to dominate enterprise server deployments.\

IDC 2018 Server Market Share Report showing Linux growth The report highlights that Linux had double digit positive CAGR from 2013-2018, while other server operating systems, including UNIX and Windows, experienced negative growth. We have long said that Linux is the foundation for innovation in modern IT and we believe this data underscores this.

IDC’s research shows that in the world of enterprise-grade Linux, there is a clear leader: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). RHEL is frequently the choice for enterprises looking to build a reliable, stable and more secure foundation for mission-critical applications. And we continue to push the innovation we deliver for customers and partners. With the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 earlier this year, we introduced an operating system redesigned for the hybrid cloud era and built to support any workload running on any environment.

The rich customer experience that comes from being the enterprise Linux leader is something Red Hat can uniquely provide. That’s why, with RHEL 8, this intelligence and expertise is now built-in to Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions by default with Red Hat Insights, delivering Red Hat’s Linux expertise as-a-service. We’ve also made the components of Red Hat Enterprise Linux more easily attainable for developers building cloud-native applications with the Red Hat Universal Base Image. The Universal Base Image enables organizations to create containerized applications based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages, providing greater stability for production applications and a smoother path to certification when run on Red Hat platforms.

We also believe that the success of RHEL is strongly tied to our extensive partner ecosystem, which helps further extend and support the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform. It’s through this network of independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), cloud providers and systems integrators that we are able to deliver a Linux operating system upon which the latest IT innovations will “just work.”

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